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Hybrid RV's will soon be as common as the recreational vehicles we see on the highways today, and when they hit the pavement - you can be sure there will be a large number of people looking to save a few thousand dollars by scoring a used hybrid RV online.  Already, we're seeing the tremendous popularity of hybrid buses, and hybrid semis made their debut this year as well.  The next logical step is the hybrid motorhome / recreation vehicle.

Some of the manufacturers that seem to be logical choices for being the first to market include Winnebago, Fleetwood, Coachmen, Jayco, Airstream, Dutchmen, and Starcraft. What once seemed like a technology that would be limited to small passenger cars and trucks is now invading nearly every imaginable vehicle...bring on the hybrid rvs!
Used Hybrid RV

While no one can be certain when the first hybrid RV prototype will be announced, it is fairly obvious why so many people want them and are writing about them.  Large recreational vehicles running on gasoline typically average 5-7 mpg, and their diesel counterparts are lucky to double that, getting around 11-12 miles per gallon.  Many of these owners are paying nearly $400 to fill their tanks, and their doing that every 600-700 miles.  If you're in the RV business, keep your eye on this technology and watch for announcements and news.  Camp on!

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